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2021 All-State Journalism team

MJEA is proud to announce the 10 members of the 2021 All-State Journalism team.

The All-State Journalism Team recognizes those students who have proven themselves to be indispensable to their respective school media, recognizing those students who are “most valuable players” — those students whose leadership, energy, dedication, and expertise make their publications possible but whose main contributions often occur behind the scenes.

Amelia Hurley, Kirkwood High School

As editor in chief, I oversee and lead the TKC process, which contains print, web, social media and breaking news coverage. This role also puts me in the position to re-allocate other editor positions or delegations between staffers. In addition, I update The Kirkwood Call’s Editorial Policy as needed, organize and lead editorial board meetings, and am the spokesperson of the program. I also communicate on a regular basis with Dr. David Ulrich, superintendent, and Dr. Michael Havener, principal, to build trust and to have the goal of being the top news source for Kirkwood High School and the Kirkwood community.

Journalism has been a large part of my life the last five years, but my passion for it grew immensely over the last three. Currently, I am a three-year staff member of The Kirkwood Call. I first joined the staff as a features writer, then became the features and in-depth editor, and am now the editor in chief of the publication. I will be attending the University of Missouri-Columbia this next fall and plan on getting my masters in journalism. I hope to continue pursuing my passion for storytelling and become a reporter in Washington, D.C. someday.

Her adviser Mitch Eden wrote: “One reason why Amelia will be a success is that she is very mature. I do not think Amelia is afraid of anything. She is editor in chief of the Kirkwood High School newsmagazine, The Kirkwood Call, and website, TheKirkwoodCall.com. To every class, every work night, every conversation, Amelia brings a sense of purpose and intensity that inspires more than 60 of her peers.”

Angela Xiao, Clayton High School

I help lead three weekly meetings. Every issue, I read over all of the first and final drafts, make edits, and suggest changes. I then select which stories go into the print edition of the magazine and assign designers for each page. I oversee the entire design of the magazine, designing the cover of the magazine and the cover story pages. Throughout the production process, I mentor reporters and younger Globe members, answering any questions and offering advice. Normally, I spend ten hours a week on Globe work, but on design weeks, this number increases to at least fifteen hours.

Angela is a senior this year, and this is her third year on Globe. She serves as the Chief Managing Editor. Her favorite part of Globe is talking to people from all different backgrounds and sharing their stories. She also loves contributing to the Globe’s print design. As a journalist, Angela is best at connecting with people — both her fellow Globe members and people that she interviews.

Her adviser Erin Sucher O’Grady wrote: “With Angela, her interest in and dedication to the paper don’t end with “her” responsibilities or “her” design. Angela cares about the paper as a whole, but more importantly she cares for the people that make our publication a great community. She is willing and wants to work with others, to learn from those around her, and teach others when she can. As a leader within our group, Angela is a leader from a most selfless perspective. Angela is the kind of person who looks to see how she can enhance those around her — she is a multiplier of talent.”

Devin Duffie, Richland High School

Adviser Kyle Carter wrote: Devin is our Editor-in-Chief, which means the buck stops with him. He has the final call on everything from fonts and layouts, to grain on the outside of the book and issues within the staff. With the position also comes the responsibility of redesigning our yearbook classroom each year and making sure the inventories on our camera and computer gears are done correctly. The final duties of the EIC are to take a step back and prepare the incoming EIC for the next year to do the job – this includes how all our protocols work and even how to deal with an (at times) angry advisor. Devin has fulfilled these duties with the grace and precision of a 30-year veteran in the journalism world.

He began on our staff in eighth grade and has been a staffer, Production Coordinator, and now Editor-in-Chief. He’s a young man determined to make something of himself, but he prefers to do it by lifting others up so they can rise up together.

Emily Zhang, Francis Howell North High School

The Editor in Chief of Social Media overlooks and manages all aspects of social media in the pub room. They work to constantly create and implement new ways for social media to be utilized in the room. This year, they also work to co-lead the Video Staff, planning day to day activities, overseeing content, and regulating the video hour.

Emily Zhang is a senior at Francis Howell North High School and is a part of the video staff for the 2020-21 school year. She has been on staff for two years and is entering her third year of publications as the Editor in Chief of Social Media. Through being involved in publications, Zhang has taken lead running social media as well as creating numerous videos for the publication. She is also involved in other things throughout the school including being on the Student Council Cabinet and playing golf. In the future, she wants to pursue film.

Her adviser Aaron Manfull wrote: “I’m most impressed with how she communicates and works with others. She’s always lending a hand to fellow staff members who need and is never afraid to toss an idea out to help the group be the best it can. While she can be laser focused in work mode, she also has a lighter side to her that allows her to help keep the work environment here a fun one for the masses.”

Ethan Willick, Ladue Horton Watkins High School

I am the Managing Editor in Chief, which includes planning and running classes and after school production meetings; scheduling meetings; editing pages; delegating tasks; communicating with the staff via email, text, groupme, and Google Classroom; managing the work folders and ladder; making sure the class is enjoyable and educational; and making sure everyone on staff completes their work by their deadline. When Mrs. Kirksey was out on maternity leave, I took on a greater role as the main leader of the class, considering and advising about journalism ethics and teaching how to use different Adobe programs.

Ethan Willick has been on his school newspaper staff for three years. He went from a writer to Opinions Editor to Managing Editor in Chief. Besides newspaper, Ethan is an Eagle Scout and leads Jewish Community Relations Council Student-to-Student presentations where he presents to classes of non-Jews about being Jewish. He enjoys hiking and camping.

His adviser Sarah Kirksey wrote: “I have been advising students for a respectable, but short, seven years and within those seven years, I have come across some remarkable young people. Some go-getters. Some high-flyers. Students talented with a camera, words, and InDesign. Ethan, however, isn’t quite like those students. Ethan’s true talent lies in his leadership abilities, and it has been nothing short of remarkable to watch him manage and lead this year’s staff through the most upside down school year I think any of us has ever lived through.”

Grace Hu, Ladue Horton Watkins High School

As the design editor in chief, I am responsible for the visual aspects of the Panorama. At the beginning of the year, I created the main style guide for our standard issue including cover design, typography, table of contents, graphic elements, bylines, and more. Additionally, for every specialty issue, I work to make a new style guide that incorporates elements of our standard style while also adding a unique graphic element. During production cycles, I create the monthly color pallet, make pages, create art, and work individually with designers to create and refine design mock-ups. This year, I’ve been encouraging staff members to incorporate infographics and other forms of media into their page design, and spend time compiling inspiration, brainstorming, and creating instructional content for our staff.

Grace Hu is a senior at Ladue Horton Watkins High School. She took journalism classes on a whim during her sophomore year and they ended up being the classes she looked forward to most. Hu joined the Panorama staff as the in-depth editor her junior year where she discovered her love for designing infographics and graphic design. This year, she is the design editor in chief for the Ladue Panorama.

Her adviser Sarah Kirksey wrote: “Grace has consistently outperformed every task and assignment given to her, to the point where she became a lot of students’ go-to person for help with graphics, illustrations, and design. After seeing what she could do in the intro journalism classes, it was an easy decision to put Grace on our In-Depth team last year, where she really helped to bring the content and stories to life and force every reader to stop and pay attention.”

Hannah Schuh, North Kansas City High School

Editor responsibilities include training new staff members on design software, being a staff resource when assistance is needed, providing final approval for spreads, develop a project plan with the editorial team for time management and deadlines, holds staff accountable for completing work on time, and making sure all spreads and content are finalized by deadlines, attend and coordinate all after-school work events, along with average staff member responsibilities (such as taking photos, attending events, and making spreads).

Hannah Schuh is a junior and an editor for Northtown’s Purgold Yearbook. She’s been a yearbook fanatic since 7th grade, & became her middle school’s first Editor in Chief in 8th grade. She is pursuing the I. B. Career Path diploma in Computer Science. She is active in her school’s Women’s Empowerment Club as Secretary, & as Reporter for her TSA team where she is working on competition events: Children’s Stories, Board Game Design, & Chapter Team. She is also an Ambassador level Girl Scout and a member of Platte Woods United Methodist Church.

Her adviser Mary Prichard wrote: “Hannah’s committed work ethic has continued this year, and she has stepped up into a leadership position as well. While the editor position is usually a senior position, Hannah showed she was ready for it as a junior. It was an easy choice to promote her from staff member to editor. She is an excellent leader who puts in a lot of time behind the scenes to make progress in the book and support classmates who need help meeting their spread assignments.”

Katie Swanson, Liberty High School

Individual who ensures that the unifying idea of the theme is carried throughout the yearbook. This person leads class in planning the yearbook ladder, design and coverage. Serves as the liaison between the staff and adviser. This individual should have strong leadership skills, is here on a daily basis, a positive outlook and motivating attitude. They must interact with all staff members.
Thoroughly edit every spread and/or story before it is turned into the adviser. They must also have strong design skills to sharpen spreads before they are sent in.

Katie Swanson is a senior at Liberty and has been a member of LHS Publications for the past three years. She has been on the yearbook staff since her junior year serving as sports editor and then this year as co editor-in-chief. Katie has also taken an active role in the new livestreaming program here at Liberty. She has done sideline reporting for football and also as the color commentator for both boys and girls basketball. Katie has a sports background and plays for the Liberty soccer team in the spring.

Her adviser Jonathan Hall wrote: “From day one, co editior-in-chief Katie Swanson has always kept things in perspective. She is a very positive person who I’m sure gets stressed at times, but I certainly haven’t seen it in the classroom. Organization is her strength. She always has a plan and is a true professional who always has a smile on her face. Kids like working for her and feel comfortable coming to her because she will teach and work with them, not simply tell them what to do. If a reporter is nervous about a topic or person to interview, she’ll take time and sit with them and help them with strategies or research.”

Lindsey Dunaway, Oak Park High School

As Editor-in-Chief of The Northmen’s Log quarterly newsmagazine, Lindsey leads a staff of 10 students. This is her second year in this position. She listens to story pitches, makes photography, art and story assignments; helps staffers plan their coverage, coaches them through the interview and writing process, peer edits on draft deadlines and coordinates the work night to finish each issue. After an issue, she celebrates accomplishments for staff members and sets goals for the next issue as a team. In addition, she plans and teaches mini-lessons to review concepts that staffers may need.
In addition, she is also the Social Media Editor. In this position, she manages the Instagram and Twitter accounts for NorthmenNews — retweeting posts, as well as sharing fresh content her staffers create. Also, she is a staffer for the NorthmenNews online site. Here, she writes and adds multimedia content. She also designs for the Cambia yearbook staff in another staff course.

Senior Lindsey Dunaway worked in every one of the NorthmenMedia publications. She has literally “done it all!” From Journalism 1, she has risen steadily in the ranks of the award-winning The Northmen’s Log newsmagazine from staffer to Editor-in-Chief. She’s also worked as the Social Media Editor for @NorthmenNews, staff writer for NorthmenNews online, anchored once as a fill-in on The Axe daily broadcast, live streamed athletic events with N2 Sports broadcast, and designed yearbook spreads on the Cambia yearbook staff.

Her adviser Christina Geabhart wrote: “This year, she returned as editor-in-chief to lead an even larger staff that she recruited. For the first time in many years, the newsmagazine staff was above 15 staffers. Like staffs across the nation, her staff faced the challenge of some staffers being virtual-only students and having to cover stories from home, and the others divided with students with the last names starting A-K coming to class only once a week on Monday and L-Z students in class on Thursday. Lindsey works very hard to make everyone feel included – weekly staff meetings via Teams, GroupMe to talk nearly daily with every staffer and more help her staffers feel as “together” as possible.”

Natalie Walsh, Francis Howell Central High School

As a co-EIC, Natalie is responsible for pretty much every aspect of creating our newspaper. She is responsible for story generation, editing, assignments, writing, design. You name it.

Natalie Walsh is a senior here at Francis Howell Central. This is her third year on the FHC Publication’s staff and her first year as Co-EIC. She is very active at school; playing soccer, swim, and cross country. She also is in speech & debate, principals council, NHS, as well as President of Epsilon Beta. Playing soccer year round with AFA Fillies, she juggles a busy schedule 24/7 with working at Fazolis, yet always enjoys being on the publication staff.

Her adviser Matthew Schott wrote: “Natalie Walsh isn’t just any editor applicant. She doesn’t just write great stories, design amazing spreads or write killer headlines. Though she does. It’s all the things she does in my classroom in addition to those things above that truly set Natalie apart. After three years of having the incredible honor of being her teacher, these additional things are the things I’ve come to expect and treasure from Natalie. She doesn’t do a thing unless she’s going to be able to commit her whole self to it, an exceedingly rare trait amongst students and in the culture at large.”


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2021 All-State Journalism team