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2019 Rising Star winner announced: Congratulations to Jennifer Moore!

Jennifer Moore from St. Clair High School has been named the Missouri Journalism Education Association’s Rising Star award winner for 2018-2019.

Moore is in her fifth year advising The Clairian, the student yearbook for St. Clair High. She teaches various levels of English 1 as well as yearbook and next year, will begin a journalism class for the first time in the school’s history.

“I try to create a relationship with every single one of my students and get to know them on a deeper level,” said Moore. “I do a lot of different fun handshakes with my students and want to build up a confidence within them. The relationship portion of teaching is vital with students.”

One of her main goals as a yearbook adviser is to, “cover everyone as evenly as possible. In previous years, sports might dominate the coverage in the book, for us we certainly give sports their place, but that’s about 10 extra spreads or so that could go to other things. We try to give more space for kids that maybe aren’t in a sport or a club to have a voice, because we are all equal members in a school.”

When asked about comparing her yearbook with the “traditional” models of yearbooks Moore said, “We are a very traditional school, but we are working to break the traditional norms of what a yearbook used to be. We are getting away from some of the traditional coverage and covering more of both the positive and negative issues and really giving our students a voice. I am so proud of my yearbook students for all they’ve done these past five years. I don’t ever want to give this program up. I love it – everything from the work to kids. I love it.”

Kyle Carter

Moore was nominated for the Rising Star award by her Vice-Principal Jeff Hamlett, who wrote, “Jennifer is excellent with our students, but what she does for our school and students, goes much deeper than that.  She goes above and beyond to assist in any type of role that we may need assistance with and is very involved in the SCHS environment. Jennifer and her yearbook staff work well with all members of our staff and community, which was reflected in the 2016-2017 school year when her peers voted her as the Teacher of the Year.”

Moore is a self-described, “nerdy” person with a very colorful side outside the classroom as well. While she has put her days a Roller Derby Girl behind her, she does continue to skate and has mixed together her love of crafts and pop culture in a business called MooreNerdy. She can be seen at local Comic Cons selling her crafts on any given weekend.

Senior Nickole Hedge, Moore’s current yearbook editor, spoke with us about Moore. “Ms. Moore is a very enthusiastic and driven person,” said Hedge. “Everything she does, she does with her entire heart. She is an amazing teacher and has done so many things for us, both personally and in yearbook. She has helped me out of many situations that I wasn’t always sure I was going to come out of. She’s always been an ear to listen to me and help me and is an extremely hard working woman.”

Please join us in congratulating Jennifer on a well-deserved honor.


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2019 Rising Star winner announced: Congratulations to Jennifer Moore!