December Showcase: Jennifer Moore


The St. Clair Yearbook Staff had the unique opportunity to visit the Herff Jones Plant in Edwardsville, KS Sept. 23. This was the first time that students from St. Clair High School were able to visit the plant and to see how the book was manufactured. The students were very excited to see how much passion was put into each step of the editing process. It helped in the understanding of why we have such strict deadlines and that many things happen after we submit pages to the plant.


I advise The Clairian Yearbook and the first Introduction to Journalism course to be taught at St. Clair High School in St. Clair, MO. I also teach English I, CWC English I, and Honors English I. Currently, I am working on completing my Masters in Administration and will finish in the Spring of 2020.


Current Focus:

St. Clair High School Yearbook is currently working on new and inventive ways to include everyone in the book at least twice. This year they have created fun spreads for each grade level to showcase unconventional things happening around the school and featuring students who may not be involved in sports, clubs, or organizations. It is a great way to show that every student is vital to the school.


Timely tip:

My tip for this time of year is to remind students how much they have accomplished so far in the course.

Students can get easily discouraged when they have to edit the same spread multiple times and they may not be used to receiving constructive criticism. It helps keep morale up in the room and the other students feed off of the positivity. The staff also created their own anonymous kindness jar. The co-editors read the notes out loud twice a week to remind students how important they are to the staff. It has created a positive culture in the room.