September Showcase: Elaine McDonald


Elaine McDonald completes a bell ringer with her Intro to Broadcast students.


I teach and advise Advanced Broadcast (Tiger Broadcast) and Advanced Film at  Lee’s Summit High School, Lee’s Summit, MO. I also teach Intro Broadcast and International Baccalaureate Film.

Current Focus:

In Advanced Broadcast, we are working on producing a weekly wrap-up show every week AND two other news/sports magazine shows that air twice a month and we are getting our sports live-stream program up-to-date.  The weekly wrap-up show is new this year. As such, the students are trying to balance their time between the three shows/live-streams while still producing quality work. We have a young staff, which means we are also working on basic skills such as DSLR camera basics, interview etiquette and writing broadcast scripts.

Timely tip: 

My timely tip is time management. I stress a strong balance of working and socializing.  The kids always hear me say, “Do not put off tomorrow what you can do today.”

Since our “work” is deadline oriented, I make sure that the staff is producing first, socializing last (for the most part).  🙂 My thought process is if I can hammer in this concept early on in the year, then they will continue the trend throughout the year.